Paving Contractors in Nashville, TN

If you are looking for a paving contractor that will get work done on time, call us at the W.D.Y. Asphalt Paving in Nashville, TN. Since 1978, we have managed to stay relevant in the paving business by ensuring that in every job we complete, we give our absolute best. Our team has enough experience to take up residential and commercial paving projects. Apart from regular pavement work, we also offer striping and sealcoating. We are just a call away and will respond immediately to your needs.

Residential Asphalt

If you are tired of driving and parking on dirt roads or gravel driveway, we offer a simple solution. Having us build you a new pavement leading up to your house improves your property’s value and appeal, and you will have a smooth, comfortable ride. Whether you require simple sealcoating or a complete asphalt driveway, we should be your first choice when it comes to residential asphalt in Nashville, TN.


Not only can we install a new driveway for you, but we can also provide repairs on cracked and damage asphalt to preserve your driveway. We take repairs seriously, and we can go as far as repaving parts of the driveway with more severe damage if necessary. We take our time to grade and add proper aggregate to the driveways we repair, ensuring they last for years.

Farm Lanes

We enjoy being able to work on farm lanes that are heavily traveled, and well worn. Asphalt installation is most suitable for these situations because it can withstand the weight of large farm equipment, and is waterproof. We recognize the importance of having the right farm lanes to ensure a smooth harvest every season.


Sealcoating asphalt surfaces protect those surfaces from damage by the sun and the elements. Additionally, sealcoating elevates the curb appeal of these surfaces. As you drive or walk on a surface with sealcoating, it is unlikely that you will miss the cleanliness and sleekness that it provides.

Commercial Asphalt

Having clean and level paths and parking lots leading to a business immediately improves that business’s performance. Customers want smooth driveways and parking lots that can accommodate their cars. We are the team you call when you need parking lot or lane striping, or other roadworks performed in your business areas. When we put our skilled teams on any project we accept, we diligently meet our client’s expectations.


Roads that have frequent traffic tend to wear out quickly, and continued driving on such roads is a menace to our vehicles, and overall safety. It can be even worse when the roads are loose gravel, or unpaved dirt roads. We can help alleviate these problems by taking any roadwork projects that you may have for us. We work to improve and do complete makeovers for private drives and access roads, and we install materials that can withstand heavy traffic.


One thing that we are keen on is following regulations by local authorities regarding striping and lane marking. We are precise about any striping work that we perform for our clients, and you can put your trust in us to complete striping projects to your exact specifications. Once finished, we leave your parking spots and pedestrian thoroughfares well labeled.


We pride ourselves on the finished product that we provide with our asphalt, and sealcoating can be a large part of this. The primary goal of the sealcoating projects we undertake is to protect the asphalt, but it does have the added benefit of giving it an attractive allure. The glossy sheen that is left on these surfaces protects them from damage by UV light and the elements.

Car Lots

Contact us if you need any work done on your parking lots or car lots. We have completed many projects of this size, especially with car dealerships. We will ensure that both your customers and employees enjoy suitable parking spaces, and areas to test drive potential purchases.

Parking Lot Paving

Our parking lot paving services in Nashville, TN have received numerous compliments from our customers. We can offer these parking lot services on a residential and commercial scale. We can install your driveway, and repair worn-out parts to create appeal and versatility for your property.

Need Paving Services in Nashville, TN?

If you ever find yourself in a position where you need asphalt services in Nashville, TN, you can call us, and we can discuss what it will take to see a project through. We take the lead in informing you what your own project will involve. We apply the latest technology and skills to see the project through. Our goal is always to involve our clients in every step of our work. Please don’t hesitate to call us when you require further information on paving.

Nashville Asphalt Paving FAQs

Many people have questions about different projects because they would like to understand how much it will cost to see a project to completion. Most items that clients ask are also to determine who best to award contracts. Sometimes the cost and time required to oversee a project are mostly dependent on the area’s size.

Q: How much is Residential Asphalt Paving in Nashville, TN?

The only way to know how much a project will cost is by taking a survey of the areas that need work. Contact us today and we will come to you, assess the size and conditions of the area that needs paving, and then give you an honest quote based upon these factors.

Q: How much is Commercial Asphalt Paving in Nashville, TN?

The price for commercial asphalt paving in Nashville will differ because of the variations in need at each property. For an exact amount, contact us today to schedule a consultation, and we can come to your commercial property to give you a quote.

Q: How much is Sealcoating in Nashville, TN?

Sealcoating in Nashville, TN, will differ based upon the amount of material that you need to have sealcoating applied to. Contact us today with any questions, or to get an exact quote for your property.